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Rhinotec is an Indonesian brand known for its trusted quality custom digital printing machines, such as cutting plotter, heat press machines, 3D sublimation hear press machines, and Eco-solvent printers.


The Rhinotec RC Cutting Plotter is specially made to fulfill the needs of all of you creative people. It was built to make your creative process a lot easier, faster and better. You can now create lots of projects using the Rhinotec RC Cutting Plotter and get the perfect professional-looking result in an instance. This machine is the best solution to support your creative needs.

Rhinotec RC family offers you a wide range of cutting plotters which can be adjusted to your needs, such as Rhinotec RC X-Series, RC Xa-Series, and RC Sa-Series.

Rhinotec RC is the star of our Rhinotec Machine family. Featuring faster cutting process, more stable performance, futuristic design, and most importantly; an automated contour cut system, which offers an easy way to cut printed materials without any additional third-party software.


The Rhinotec RC 32 ASC is specially made to fulfill your label/sticker cutting needs. It was built to make your label/sticker cutting process more effective and efficient. You can now cut up to 100 sheets of label/stickers easily on a single tray. Cut your product labels using Rhinotec RC 32 ASC and get the perfect professional-looking result in an instance. This machine is the best solution to support your digital printing needs.


Rhinotec Heat Press Machine Family offers you a wide range of heat press machines with various functions. Our machines can be used to apply heat transfer materials onto t-shirts, hats, glass, and bottles. It was designed to give the best performance to provide maximum production results.


Rhinotec 3D Sublimation Heat Press is an automatic vacuum press, all-in-one machine, which can be used to customize many types of sublimation blanks, such as mugs, bottles, tumblers, frames, cell phone cases, plates, rocks, metals, etc. The combination of vacuum pressure and heat is used to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the printed designs onto any curved surface. We offer a wide range of 3D sublimation heat press machines for many different types of custom printing needs.


Rhinotec Eco-solvent GP Printer is an eco-solvent ink-based indoor print machine that is commonly used to print on materials such as heat transfer films, vinyl, wallpaper and other indoor applications. We offer 2 types of printers, which are Rhinotec GP 60 with 60 cm print area and GP 160 with 160 cm area.

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