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We offer you the best quality of heat transfer film product, consisting of many different types and color choices. More than 10 types of HTFs are available to help you with your projects. Only choose the best quality of heat transfer films for your projects. Think Quality!

  • Rhinoflex Chrome with 5 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Flock with 12 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Foil with 11 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Foil Motif with 14 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Glitter with 17 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Glow In The Dark with 1 color choice
  • Rhinoflex Polka Glitter with 7 color choices
  • Rhinoflex PU with 38 color choices
  • Rhinoflex PVC with 27 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Reflective with 4 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Sublimation with 2 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Silicone with 6 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Stretch with 26 color choices
  • Rhinoflex Printable with 6 types of choices

Why Choose Rhinoflex?

The Best Brands

Rhinoflex is always committed to providing the best quality of heat transfer film for creative businesses in custom digital printing industry. Rhinoflex has been known as one of the best Indonesian brand of heat transfer film.

Wide Range of Colours & Variants

Rhinoflex offers the most complete variants and colors of heat transfer films. With the continuous development of custom digital printing industry in Indonesia, Rhinoflex provides the latest variants of heat transfer film to support custom digital printing entrepreneurs in developing their business.

Affordable prices

We only provide the best quality of heat transfer films with the most affordable price.

Best quality

Rhinoflex was carefully made with the best quality of materials and processed with sophisticated technology.

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