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We offer you a wide range of supporting tools to complete all your needs and make your creative project so much easier. Rhino Tools is your best solution and is specifically designed to make creative process easy, quick, and fun.

Rhino Weeding Table

Rhino weeding table works as a table that allows easier weeding process with less material breakage. It features 3 different lighting modes that can be adjusted to your needs. Available in A3 size.

Rhino Classic Weeder

Rhino classic weeder is a tool to make your weeding process easier. It features a versatile angled tip which provides the ideal angle for weeding your material.

Rhino Tweezer

Rhino Tweezer is a small tool used for picking up objects that are too small to be handled with your fingers. Available in 2 different styles, the Fine Point Tweezer features fine tips to hold and lift the material, and the Hook Tipped Tweezer will help you remove larger pieces.

Rhino Squeegee

Rhino Squeegee is used to apply transfer tape to cut vinyl graphics and other cut vinyl to different surfaces. This method minimizes the amount of air bubbles that may form.

Rhino Polyflex Remover

Rhino Polyflex Remover also known as Heat Transfer Film/Vinyl remover, helps you removing misplaced HTFs from your garments. It works best for PU and PVC HTFs.

Rhino Art Knife

Rhino art knife is a blade for cutting through art materials. Designed for precision, the Rhino art knife also provides maximum comfort and performance. Truly the ideal knife for detailing your papercraft projects.

Rhino Cutting Mat

Rhino cutting mat is a flexible mat that can be used for your craft projects. It protects the work surface from damage, and prevent your blade from dulling quickly.

Rhino Circle Cutter

Rhino circle cutter makes it easy to cut circles anywhere on your crafting materials. It is perfect for creating card, scrapbook, and other crafting projects.
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