PT Rhino Indonesia Sukses
PT Rhino Indonesia Sukses

About Us

PT Rhino Indonesia Sukses Established in 2014, mainly operates in the creative industry of custom digital printing. We specialize in providing heat transfer films (Rhinoflex), custom digital printing machines (Rhinotec) such as cutting plotter machines, heat press machines, eco-solvent printer, 3D press sublimation machines, and other supporting tools for your custom digital printing needs.

PT Rhino Indonesia Sukses has successfully attained a wide number of distributors and customers around Indonesia. We believe that all client requirements are unique and we value them highly. We cater to and provide the best solutions for every client according to their individual needs.


  • To become the most advanced supplier of all custom printing needs in Indonesia.


  • Innovating Continuously
  • To increase the market size of custom printing in Indonesia through education and culture building.
  • To give excellent service consistently both to customers and business partners
  • To provide the best quality and the most complete products in the creative industry of custom digital printing

Rhino Indonesia History ( Milestone )

  • The new generation of Rhinotec cutting plotter Xa RC-Series
  • Rhinoflex (silicone, chrome, foil army, and glitter polka)
  • Explore Rhino for RC X, Xa, and Rhinotec Sublimation Users
  • Found Rhino Creative Class
  • Rhino workship held at the School and Campus
  • Rhino EZ Paper
  • All new Rhinotec RC X-Series
  • OKI White Toner PRO8432WT
  • Rhinoflex (Sublimation, PU pastel)
  • Rhino Tools
  • Moving to a new office
  • Rhinotec sublimation machine
  • Blank sublimation consumables
  • Rhinoflex (stretch, sublime block)
  • Actively campaigning for the workshop Now Everyone Can Custom (50 workshops)
  • Rhinoflex (army, 3D puff, Carbon and eco)
  • Rhinotec GP Series (eco-solvent printers)
  • Rhino Ink
  • Official sponsors for Persib Bandung
  • Make Rhino Workshop “Now Everyone Can Custom”
  • Rhino Care & Support
  • First office
  • Rhinotec Cutting Plotter
  • Rhinotec Heat Press
  • Rhinoflex (flock, glitter, glow in the dark, and reflective)
  • Participated in the first exhibition
  • Rhino Indonesia PT Sukses established
  • Rhinoflex (PU, PVC, Printable)